About Me


The Birth of My Unique Services

I arrived to Canada a few years ago, carrying inside me passion, eagerness and enthusiasm for learning, growing, expanding and engaging. In fact, education and consulting were and still are my  mission, not just work!

Back in Jerusalem, I dedicated almost twenty years in education, consulting and facilitation. I worked 18 years as a senior professor at the David Yellen Academic College for teachers . 

Here in London, I did a lot of work with immigrants and refugees and I felt the huge need for  guidance and consultation in family issues, parenting and educational - cultural challenges.

I decided to go ahead and to open my unique services for immigrants in general and for the Arab community in particular.

I provide bilingual services (English and Arabic) on site and online with an approach  culturally sensitive,  and the fees are  affordable and fair.

My Background and Experience

Through my entire career I facilitated hundreds of workshops in different areas including: Parental leadership, self-awareness, self-empowerment, special education challenges, education and awareness for sexual abuse prevention, supportive organizational environments, team work, leading changes, conflict management, time management, pedagogical assessment for teachers, organization assessment and vision, mentoring skills and coaching, didactic methods, pedagogical leadership and more courses and dynamic workshops.

Besides my academic involvement and contribution, I worked within the community on many different projects and with variety of target groups: mothers, social workers staff, parent and youth. Humbly, I can say that I was an inspiring educational leader and I left a significant finger print in many people’s lives.

Since I arrived to London in the summer of 2012, I have built a coherent and solid network. I am on the BoD (Board of Directors) at CPSA (Canadian Palestinian Social Association), I have been writing educational articles for Albilad newspaper for two years and still doing so, and networking with professional staff from different organizations in London.

I learned a lot from meeting new people from different cultures and hearing their experiences and challenges since they arrived in Canada. I also learned about the enormous barriers that Muslim and Arab groups in particular (for being conservative and religious) are dealing with on daily basis. Through my observations and meetings I have come to see that Arab and Muslim women do not have social, financial or educational power. They are a marginal group in London, especially the first generation of immigrants. Unfortunately, most of the Arabic and Muslim women are unemployed, are not being engaged enough in the Canadian community, and are not seen to have any significant and valuable contributions to the community.

I decided to take an initiative in establishing this service for the benefit of immigrant groups and in particular the Arab community. The main goal of this office is to offer consulting, coaching and guidance in the educational field to individuals, parents and groups in need.


My Education

  • Ph.D. in Education
  • M.A. in Special Education
  • CCF in Leadership Coaching
  • Diploma in Pedagogical Management
  • Diploma in Organization Consulting
  • Certificate in Group Facilitation
  • Certificate in Life Coach

Dr. Kathy Watad’s degrees and diplomas have earned Canadian Equivalency from W.E.S. Dr. Kathy Watad also has extensive experience in the field of education, parental consulting, and management and educational staff guidance. She dedicated almost 20 years in teachers’ education, and facilitated hundreds of workshops in the education and social fields.

I Believe That:

Healthy and happy individuals build healthy and happy families. Happy and healthy families build a healthy and happy society. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

Consulting, coaching and guidance are great tools for building healthy and happy individuals.

Educational consulting and coaching are great tools to modify and raise self-awareness, self-esteem and self-pride.

Making a meaningful and powerful change in your life takes a lot of skills. Beside your internal resources: courage, passion, determination and enthusiasm, you need a professional, trustworthy, experienced and supportive coach to help you identify your vision, foster your plan, promote your self-awareness and self-confidence and empower your skills.

“Reaching the stars” is a possible goal if we have a clear vision and a solid plan.

In order to lead a solid change and make a significant impact in your community, you need to take your first steps by building and empowering resilience, and upgrading your skills and your strengths.



What makes my services unique?

I ensure my clients a high level of professional consulting, a high level of sensitivity to their needs and the difficulties and barriers which they are facing on daily basis as newcomers, and awareness of the challenges they are struggling within a multicultural society.

All sessions are confidential and private.